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Customer Centered Selling

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As the implications of  Globalization become a reality in the Philippines, the “battle for the customer”  becomes more and more fierce.  Today, customers can no longer be taken for granted.  They are far more sophisticated and demanding than those of the past.  Winning their hearts and minds cannot be achieved using the old “hard sell” model of selling.  Product and service providers must now possess a passion for being customer focused – which simply means demonstrating the ability to understand customer requirements, unfailingly solve their problems and consistently satisfy their needs.

Many salespeople in the Philippines are still hooked on to the hard sell approach to selling.  It is high time that such salespeople adapt the Customer Centered Selling process. 

The  CUSTOMER CENTERED SELLING WORKSHOP (CCSW)  is an  intensive learning experience designed to equip participants with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to more effectively sell one’s products in a way that best meets customers’ needs.