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Stress Management

This Workshop is for dynamic people who are deeply committed to achieving their work and life goals. A natural consequence of such commitment is having to face and deal with challenging and, oftentimes, difficult situations almost on a daily basis. These often result to high levels of STRESS in one’s life. If not managed correctly, such stress can cause untimely deterioration - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This workshop will provide the participants with the tools to manage stress appropriately thereby enabling them to enjoy Eustress (good stress) and minimize Distress (Bad Stress).

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Performance Management

An intensive learning experience designed to equip managers and supervisors with a tried and tested framework for effectively managing the performance of their subordinates. Participants will learn how to set goals with their subordinates and get commitment to them; how to provide timely and appropriate coaching so that goals are achieved; how to conduct effective performance appraisals; and learn to use the appropriate rewards so people are motivated to deliver the desired performance.

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Leading People

The world is in constant change. For the longest time, corporations have been faced with changing customer needs and preferences, changing technologies that shape and re-shape the way businesses are conducted, changes in government regulations, etc. Now, we are faced with the Covid19 pandemic which has forced most, if not all, businesses to re-invent its business model or close down its operations.

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Customer Centered Selling

As the implications of Globalization become a reality in the Philippines, the “battle for the customer” becomes more and more fierce. Today, customers can no longer be taken for granted. They are far more sophisticated and demanding than those of the past. Winning their hearts and minds cannot be achieved using the old “hard sell” model of selling. Product and service providers must now possess a passion for being customer focused – which simply means demonstrating the ability to understand customer requirements, unfailingly solve their problems and consistently satisfy their needs.

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Assertiveness Training

This is designed to help participants gain greater self-confidence in handling difficult situations/people such as: (1) presenting an idea that could lead to better unit performance, but which may run counter to the thinking of certain “higher level authorities”; (2) confidently responding to the needs of “difficult” internal or external clients without sacrificing the needs of the organization; (3) correcting a colleague who is taking advantage of a co-worker or abusing organizational resources; (4) more effectively implementing corporate policies, rules and regulations, etc.

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The Winning Attitude

Navigating this complex world is not easy. There are numerous challenges and problems that confront us every step of the way. There are problems we create, problems others create for us, and problems thrown to us by life. The Winning Attitude leads the participants to arrive at the conclusion that wherever problems may originate, each of us is fully responsible for how we handle them and their corresponding outcomes – Success or Failure!

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Problem Solving Workshop

This Problem Solving Workshop seeks to provide the participant with analytic tools to differentiate between Facts and Opinions, identify what a problem is, establish the cause/s of such problems and choose the best course/s of action to resolve them.

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