Ready to take charge?

Are you a business owner or a manager tasked with driving results? Are you in-charge of motivating your team despite the stressors and uncertainties brought upon by Covid-19? Are you an individual in constant search of ways to thrive during these turbulent times and to navigate the uncharted waters of remote work? 

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to help you or your team overcome challenges and perform at your best, regardless of external forces?

There is a way. Taking Charge puts you in the driver seat by training you to become more proactive and effective problem solvers.

Are You Ready to Start Taking Charge Today?

Problem Solving Workshop

The Problem Solving course will give you a framework to clearly define problems and will arm you with the tools and vital abilities needed to solve problems effectively.

Winning Attitude Workshop

The Winning Attitude course helps you to create wellness in your organization, as well as in your life by training you to take responsibility for your actions and their consequences.

Taking Charge Bundle

While these asynchronous courses can be taken separately, they work so well together that it made sense to offer them as a bundle.